New Build Scheme Submitted, Works progress on Large Country Properties and Cotebrook Dwelling completes

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Green Belt / Listed Buildings / New Homes / Planning Rules and Regulations

Above, a scheme for three new dwellings has been submitted that will replace an equestrian facility and situated adjacent to three listed buildings. Designed in a contemporary barn style to present a neutral design against the listed building setting and contextually fit within the Green Belt.

We are working on a variety of Country properties that will see their refurbishment. Above, top, is Allostock Hall which is a 17th Century Grade 2 listed property. The works will see a complete remodel and extension that will restore this beautiful Georgian Manor . As part of the development, there is a new substantial Equestrian facility within the grounds that will accommodate an indoor Olympic ménage for the client to train for her hopeful entry at the Paris 2024 Olympics

Another dwelling completed, solving a variety of planning hurdles blending contemporary and traditional design.

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