Design Stage of a New 4,500 sqft office and dwelling in Open Countryside is Complete

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The first design stages of this tremendously exciting project are now complete.  The project includes a new farmhouse style dwelling and office in Somerford, Cheshire.  The house is two storeys and consists of 5 bed 5 bath and open plan living spaces over 4,500 sqft.  The office is 4,500 sqft and will form the head office of an emerging company in Cheshire employing over 60 people.  The managing director of the company has commissioned and will live in the new house when completed.  The design creates a farmyard setting which incorporates traditional elements of architecture such as Cheshire brick and Tudor style timber framing.

New Dwelling and Office

The office has elements of both traditional and contemporary designs.  Within the courtyard facing the house the elevations are traditional with period style brick arches and porthole windows to create an attractive appearance.  On the outside the elevations have full height glazing and a mixture of oak cladding and louvres to emphasise the client’s modern forward thinking business.

Construction Value £1 million +

New Dwelling and Office

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